5 M-learning Delivery Formats for Product Sales Training

5 M-learning Delivery Formats for Product Sales Training

5 M-learning Delivery Formats for Product Sales Training

Mobile learning facilitates quick, just-in-time learning for on-the-go sales people and supports all aspects of product sales training. Frequent releases of new products and expanding market territories require continuous training for sales teams. That is why sales training managers conduct quarterly product trainings and this frequency extends as and when there is an immediate need. In addition to this, the sales force requires training reinforcement to retain product knowledge and apply it to win a deal. Moreover, they need to be updated on new product releases, additional features, major changes, etc. Sales personnel need to get this information instantaneously. Mobile learning meets all these needs of product sales training effectively through various delivery formats. Let’s have a look at them.

1. E-books

E-books can be used effectively to deliver product knowledge training in a simple way. Product sales teams can access these resources from their mobiles even on the move/while travelling to meet prospects. The ‘Read Aloud’ feature in e-books can reduce the strain of reading for busy sales people. Ebooks can also provide a quick recap of the product training modules. Multimedia embedded links make e-books more interactive and engross the sales force in learning. The popular e-book formats are ePubs and PDFs, which are compatible with mobile devices.

2. Videos

Videos as part of mobile learning can be used to demonstrate the product usage, equipment installation procedures in a step by step manner, etc. Sales personnel can download and view short video tutorials as per their convenience. Some companies started uploading videos on YouTube to help their sales force and also their customers. By this, customers need not run to product service personnel for minor maintenance issues.

3. Documents

Quick reference aids can be delivered through documents in mobile learning. These documents can be in Word, PowerPoint and Pdf formats. However, the Pdf format is better to access and easy to view with its zoom in and zoom out features.

4. Bite-sized learning modules

Mobile learning is the ideal platform to deliver bite-sized modules in to cater to the point of need of sales teams and reinforce their product knowledge. Training modules are precise and divided into smaller chunks, so that sales personnel can get unique selling tips on products,objection handling, etc.

5. Flash cards

Facts, statistics, and infographics, which explain key product features and benefits, can be delivered through online flash cards. These can provide timely help for product sales people to remember the key points before meeting prospects.

Mobile learning is better for product sales training, because sales teams are always on the move. Product training through mobile learning empowers your dispersed sales force across the globe.

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