BYOD & M-learning: The Incidental Cousins – Part 01

BYOD & M-learning: The Incidental Cousins- Part 01

BYOD & M-learning: The Incidental Cousins- Part 01

Welcome to today’s blog post. In the earlier post, we have discussed about the advantages of app-based learning through mobiles.

Today, I want to brief about the incidental cousins in the corporate industry – BYOD and mLearning. These two notions are rapidly moving towards creating a new lane for corporate training programs.

The BYOD phenomena

Statistics say that around 72.2% of the companies around the globe support personal devices at workplace, which is commonly known as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). It was also revealed that around 75% of the employees demonstrated greater interest in using their own device at work.

According to Insight Blog, 90% of workers in the United States are using their personal smartphones for work purposes. The practice has a larger footprint in other regions as well. When we talk about using mobile devices for work purposes, it is not only about reading and replying to emails or having a Skype call with the clients from anywhere.

Myth Busted: BYOD Also Works with Remote Employees

Companies started exploring all possibilities of how BYOD can work in their favor, beyond being a mere communication alternative. As a part of this, the Training & Development (T&D) divisions started focusing on using this practice for implementation of their internal training programs. One of the reasons for this is the rise in remote employment. According to The Guardian, the number of people working from home reached around 4.2 million in 2014, out of which, 35% are professionals or associate professionals. One thing to note here is these staff members i are also a part of BYOD initiative. The only difference is that they do not bring their devices to work but carry them wherever they go.

It is important for companies to ensure that these staff members are well-informed and trained, on par with ones at the office desks. In such cases, using a “common” training medium such as mLearning would be profitable.

In the next post, I’ll share my views on how BYOD & mLearning will help your on-site staff serve their customers better and a lot more.

Hope you find this post interesting.

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