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Microlearning – The Spot-on Solution to Train Your Service Technicians

Ever wondered why we have our food in morsels and not as a whole? You are right! It helps ease digestion. The same criterion applies to learning as well. When learning goes overboard, it can’t be absorbed by our brain. Hence, learning broken into bites is more effective than learning as a whole. Bite-sized learning or Microlearning is learning imparted in bites or short modules.

How can Bite-sized learning help train Service Technicians? 

Offers just-in-time learning

Product Servicing is as important as product sales. Hence, a service technician’s job starts where the sales rep’s job ends. But the sales reps’ woes are shared equally by service technicians. They are constantly on the go to address the servicing needs of their customers. In case of any doubts, with microlearning, they can whip their mobiles out of their pockets and quickly watch a short video on how to service the respective equipment. This way, their skills can be brushed-up just-in-time with bite-sized learning modules.

Allows personalized learning

Learning is effective when the learner has control over it. These bite-sized learning modules provide service technicians an opportunity to take the learning at their own pace and time. Servicing modules that are handy can be referred any number of times; during their breaks, while on the way to work, or to meet a client.

Offers a cost-effective solution

The creation time and budget of Microlearning modules is less, compared to the time and cost incurred in creating an entire E-learning course. These bite-sized modules deal with only one learning objective, hence they take less time to be created. Though classroom training is effective, it’s not possible to refresh memory by re-conducting the session due to recurring costs. Bite-sized modules once created, can be referred as and when needed.

Provides great accessibility

Microlearning modules can be accessed on all mobile devices such as tablets, iPhones and Smartphones. Therefore, service technicians can access any service related information, anytime. This makes their lives easy by providing them instant solutions to their service queries.

Bite-sized learning is the flair of the season and can be adopted as a technique to train your service technicians. You may be worrying about its longevity but it is here to stay. Still not convinced? As per BBC, bite-sized learning results in greater understanding, application and retention than a day-long equivalent and results in savings of up to 30%.