Count On Microlearning to Train Seasonal Hires this Holiday Season

Count On Microlearning to Train Seasonal Hires this Holiday Season

Count On Microlearning to Train Seasonal Hires this Holiday Season

According to the outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas – US retail companies will hire around 738,800 seasonal hires this holiday season.

Retailers will adopt different strategies to onboard new hires this holiday season. Some will search for staff that aligns with their brand and work culture, and some will conduct group onboarding sessions to save time and efforts. While each company will find its own way to hire this holiday season, they all must provide new hires an orientation program on their mission, vision, and values so that new hires can understand how to serve their customers better.

The US Retail sector turns busy during the holiday season every year, and you probably have your hands full handling more customers, building an inventory, and delivering orders. So you don’t have time to conduct a formal induction training session for seasonal hires; however, it’s important that you train them. A brief, informal orientation can serve the same purpose but is not very effective.

How can your seasonal hires’ onboarding training be made faster with minimal efforts, this holiday season? Here’s how microlearning can help!

Minimizes Training Burden

Hiring previous years’ employees will minimize your training burden, as they already know your business. Since employees are familiar with your working and values, you won’t need to invest in lengthy training programs. When you want to train your new hires on short concepts, microlearning is an ideal choice.

Focuses on Essentials

You don’t have time to provide comprehensive training to your seasonal hires in the holiday season, so confine training to only the essentials – concepts and the basics required to get on with their daily jobs. Preparing microlearning modules of 2-3 minutes on ‘how-to’ tasks will equip your seasonal hires with enough information to carry out their daily duties.

Most positions filled in the retail sector this holiday season will be for sales, warehouse, and packaging. You will need to provide product features, benefits, and how it’s unique compared to other products as part of product knowledge in microlearning modules.

Proper packaging techniques, using forklifts to move goods, and safe practices to handle weights can be shown through microlearning videos.

Microlearning Videos

Instead of giving new hires a booklet of instructions, offering microlearning videos on ‘what they need to do’ and ‘how to do it’ will have the desired impact. You don’t need to hire a huge video production team for this. Now many shoot HD videos with their smartphones that have decent camera specifications.

You need not host microlearning videos on the Learning Management System (LMS) for seasonal hires; just post them on your organization’s YouTube Channel. If you don’t want to host them on public platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, make them available on desktops or load them into your new hires’ smartphones to access as a part of the orientation. Gen Y sales teams will love this and others might also like once you show them. Seeing a live video makes better sense than reading.

Involves Top & Loyal Employees

Yes, the holiday season is busy for your business, but that’s not an excuse for denying orientation to your new hires, because it can impact their productivity.

Develop short video vignettes, showing the work new hires are supposed to do. For example, create vignettes on how to fold clothes and display them, after-hours procedures to prep the shopping mall for the next day, etc.

Supports the BYOD Policy

Applying the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy at work helps new hires access microlearning modules from the device of their, whether a smartphone, tablet, or iPad. They can use them as performance support tools too while they work.

These aspects of microlearning will make your onboarding training for seasonal hires effortless this holiday season.

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