Can Microlearning Act as an Aid to Pharmaceutical Sales Training?

Can Microlearning Act as an Aid to Pharmaceutical Sales Training?

Can Microlearning Act as an Aid to Pharmaceutical Sales Training?

Globalization compressed the world into a mini capsule and so has the attention span of the millennials. They can’t lend their focus beyond 90 seconds. In order to address the needs of the sales reps’ diminishing attention spans, a revolution called microlearning entered the e-learning domain. Microlearning is not an alien concept to Pharmaceutical sales training managers. They find this learning technique quite revolutionary to train their sales reps.

What is Microlearning?

Micro-learning is byte-sized learning in short modules that are not more than 10 minutes. These are short and crisp modules that serve the learner by providing just-in-time learning, either to thrust the desired knowledge or to reinforce the existing knowledge. These information or learning nuggets can be enforced through mobiles, tablets, etc. that are handy to the sales reps.

Advantages of Microlearning 

Blame their busy schedules or tough deadlines, the job profile of the pharma sales reps doesn’t allow them to abide by any formal training sessions. Here steps in the solution in the form of microlearning. It comes to their rescue as sales reps are on the go. Nothing aids them better than the microlearning modules which they can refer then and there to gain or refresh their knowledge.

How is it effective for Pharmaceutical Sales Training? 

  • Microlearning deals with one learning objective at a time. It gives short and precise information about the various aspects of a drug such as its composition and dosage, features and benefits, side effects, etc. Such brief information about the drug helps the sales reps retain the knowledge for a longer period.
  • It offers just-in-time aid to the sales rep that can be learnt on the go and implemented immediately on the field.
  • Reinforcement of knowledge is essential since the human brain tends to forget 80% of what was learnt previously. Hence microlearning assists the brain in reinforcing what was learnt earlier. Also, the latest updates can be shared easily through microlearning.

Why is it effective for Pharmaceutical Sales? 

Can you imagine the plight of a pharma sales rep who needs to go on updating his knowledge every time a new medical product is rolled out? Hold on, that’s not all, he also needs to have the knowledge of the entire product range they deal with. He’s about to meet a physician and in the nick of the moment, his mind goes blank. His hands reach out to his mobile for a quick brush-up of the product list. How handy! Hope you could envisage the effectiveness of microlearning with this narrative. Just a nugget to refer and he’s done with the training.

Microlearning is definitely the flair of the season and it’s here to stay. So Pharma sales training managers, what are you waiting for? Go embrace it before it’s too late and it’s never late.

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