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Microlearning – Meeting Corporate Training Demands, Successfully

For a training manager, the challenge lies in not just providing necessary training, but also ensuring that training is relevant, up-to-date, and most importantly, well used by employees. However, today’s employees are predominantly Millennials, who unlike their predecessors, expect more than training like they knew it to be – traditional. Today’s learners want:

  • Information that will benefit their performance, and nothing more
  • Technology embedded in their learning
  • Freedom to choose how, when, and where they learn
  • Immediate solutions to their most pressing problems

Microlearning is the key to all these demands and more; and because the requirements of learners are met, its outcome is exponentially greater than traditional methods of training. This works out beneficial for training managers who, along with having to make sure the needs of employees and the training goals of the organization are met, must see that learning takes place.

We know that microlearning ensures learning takes place, because it:

  • Has a wider application, and can be used for almost any type of training
  • Is flexible, and therefore can be modified to increase user engagement
  • Focuses on specific objectives, so the rate of knowledge transfer and retention is high
  • Is varied and uses a variety of training tools such as infographics, videos, hyperlinks, quizzes, eLearning, and more, that make it more effective
  • Can be used for formal as well as informal learning, making it an engaging and versatile training strategy
  • Allows for easy and quick translations so that training can be rolled out faster
  • Provides high-impact training
  • Makes it easier to map and assess learning
  • Makes it easy for learners to access, complete, and apply learning
  • Can reuse and repurpose content, so there is no wastage of time, money, or resources

For more information on Microlearning – what it is, how and where it can be used, and the benefits it brings, download the eBook, Microlearning – A Beginner’s Guide to Powerful Corporate Training.

Where Does Microlearning Fit in Your Learning Strategy?