Utilize The Micro-moments Of Your Sales Force For Sales Training

Utilize The Micro-moments Of Your Sales Force For Sales Training

Utilize The Micro-moments Of Your Sales Force For Sales Training

Can you believe, on average, users are spending 3.3 hours a day on their smart phones1? Shocking yet true! So why not try capture a few of these micro-moments of your sales force to train them on sales skills?Micro-moments are the exclusive moments people spend with their mobiles to learn, to do, to discover, to watch, and to buy something. It is the time preferences take shape and decisions are made. Hence these occasions can be utilized to offer them knowledge nuggets that enhance their sales skills.

Facilitates Just-In-Time(JIT) Learning

Micro-moments can be best utilized for Microlearning courses that provide just-in-time learning. Just imagine a scenario when your rep forgets one of the steps of product utilization just before meeting the customer. What does he do? He quickly whips out his mobile and with a few taps and swipes he stands up confidently to face the client. What boosted his confidence? A Microlearning module!

Ensure these modules are developed with responsive design so that they are mobile adaptive, since it is the smartphones or iPads your reps long to be with.Once the courses can be accessed on their favorite device, sales reps would not have any issues going with them at their convenient time, pace and place.

Provides Requisite Knowledge

As you know, product knowledge and sales skills together is a winning combination for your sales reps. So, reps cannot be considered ready to sell unless they know the products in and out.How do you ensure they are thorough with the products they need to sell? A traditional classroom training session on product features and functioning may not achieve the desired result as the products are infinite. The reps may be overwhelmed with a knowledge burst as they are fed more than they can chew. On the contrary, a Microlearning video, imparting knowledge on an individual product can have a lasting impact on the memory as it deals with one product at a time. Hence lessons are learned! Stuffing does not help but leads to emitting whatever significant was gathered.

Fills Skill Gaps

The best way to arrest the micro-moments of your sales reps is to promise fulfill their skill gaps left unattended by a traditional training session. Sales reps embrace the course as they know this would in turn assist performance support.For instance, a sales rep is well-trained on a product, say X, but the features of product Y also are quite similar to those of X. He is now confused what to do. His face brightens up as he goes through two short learning modules2 on both the products, X and Y. The skill gap he suffered a few moments ago gives way to a clear path he needs to act on.

Cures The Forgetting Curve

Microlearning gives a tough competition to the forgetting curve as it helps in the easy retention of learning through spaced interventions. Any learning, if given after a spaced interval, tends to stick to the learner’s cognition. For instance, a classroom training session on negotiation skills given to your sales reps a fortnight ago can be refreshed by a Microlearning video on the same subject. This boosts their memory by quickly connecting the knowledge from the past to the present. The forgetting curve, hence fails to create the chaos it wants to.

So, when are you planning to cash-in on those micro-moments of your sales force? You have every reason to do that as they are the best times to tap their learning potential.If you succeed in doing that, you will see them get JIT support and the requisite knowledge. Moreover, you will help them close their skill gaps and cure the impact the forgetting curve leaves behind.

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