How about Adopting Microlearning to Train Your Sales force?

How about Adopting Microlearning to Train Your Sales force?

How about Adopting Microlearning to Train Your Sales force?

Imagine a business day in the life of your sales force. Meeting the client, introducing the product, interpreting the product features, convincing the client about the efficacy of the product, and sigh…. the list goes on endless. Out of his busy schedule, he needs to take out time for training. His roles and responsibilities hardly permit him to attend a regular classroom training session; hence here comes the handy microlearning module that makes life easy for him by offering him just-in-time training.

Microlearning offers learning in small modules which can also be termed as byte sized learning. These are tiny 3 to 5 minute modules that offer focused learning and effectively fill the knowledge and skill gaps.

Benefits of Micro-learning

1. Just-in-time learning

The greatest benefit that microlearning offers is that, it is handy to the learner and satisfies the learning need just-in time. It reaches the learners at the right time and in the right manner. The most appealing aspect about microlearning is that the learner goes for it without it being imposed on him. It’s a perfect illustration of seeking knowledge and receiving it.

2. Great accessibility

Another aspect that can be appreciated in Microlearning is that it can be designed for various devices. Whether on a desktop, laptop, tablet or Smartphone, it proves its compatibility with all devices. Due to its accessibility and flexibility, the workforce prefers it since they can opt for their favored device as well as their preferred time.

3. Personalized learning

Microlearning offers personalized learning as the learner has autonomy over the learning process. He has the liberty to set his individual goals and learn at his discretional pace.

4. Affluent media

Microlearning is rich in media; hence it manages to hook the learners to its modules. The audio and video interactivities that microlearning modules employ keep the learners’ attention on, thereby enhancing their retention levels.

5. Cost-effective & low time-consumption

Another worthy reason to embrace microlearning is its cost-effectiveness. The production costs incurred on developing a microlearning course are far less compared to the costs incurred in developing a full-fledged eLearning course. The design and development of these courses also consume less time as the courses target only specific learning objectives. Moreover, it’s perfect for adult learning as it serves their purpose by making learning swift, keeping in view their short attention span.

6. Course updating is easy

Due to the short-sized training modules, microlearning facilitates the easy updating of modules. They can be modified rapidly and instantly in case any changes have to be incorporated in the course material.

When we glance through the aforesaid benefits of microlearning, we can easily make out that microlearning is the need of the hour. Hope product training managers give their consent in this regard.

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