Can Microlearning be Your Buddy in Training The New Hires?

Can Microlearning be Your Buddy in Training The New Hires?

Can Microlearning be Your Buddy in Training The New Hires?

Sailing on the same boat as most training managers? Are diminished attention spans and hectic work schedules of your employees giving you nightmares? Is your workforce indifferent to the training being offered? Here ends your hunt for the trending training solution.

Why Microlearning?

Ever heard of Microlearning or bite-sized learning? I’m sure you would have. But, have you ever implemented it to train your workforce? If not, here’s why you seriously need to ponder taking it up.

Microlearning is bite-sized learning that permits your workforce to take the training just-in-time, say a five minute module. It offers them the benefit of gaining the knowledge that’s awaiting them at their threshold. They just have to reach out for their mobiles and have a quick glance through what they wish to know. Prompt comes the Micro-learning module that either refreshes their existing knowledge or supplies pills of knowledge that they seek for. These pills are easily digestible as they are short. Its not just the simplicity but the flexibility of these modules that engages the learner. The learner has the discretion of taking the training at the desirable time and on his desired device. What matters the most is the engagement factor these knowledge nuggets have to offer in the form of rich media. These short modules keep the learner glued to its content, thereby filling up his skill or knowledge gap within no time.

Where does Microlearning fit?

Not every day is a sunny day, so is the case with Microlearning. Not every training need is satisfied with a Microlearning module. There are only a few instances that can accommodate Microlearning as a training solution. Read on to know what they are.

  • When a new employee is aboard a company, there is a list of corporate jargon that he needs to memorize; failing a familiarity with which can lead to misinterpretation and miscommunication. Hence Microlearning can step-in here to rescue him from the pain of memorizing the long list. It reduces the employee’s efforts by being readily available to him whenever and wherever he requires it.
  • Microlearning modules would also be handy to the new hires or the promoted lot that require to be trained on their job roles and responsibilities. The skillset demands of the new job can be acquired easily through a well-integrated Microlearning format. Another feather in the cap of Microlearning module is that it can be mastered by the employee in his own time frame, without it being imposed on him.
  •  In case any new product is rolled out, the sales staff can access the training module as per their preferred time. Microlearning offers a swifter and more effective learning as the learner feels completely at ease with it as he doesn’t feel any obligation.
  • Microlearning can be accommodated when the employees are to be trained on the business processes. Understanding the business process of any organization may be a complex practice for a new hire but Microlearning simplifies it by providing bite-sized learning. A step by step approach eases the learning imparted to the employee.

Hence it’s significant to identify your training needs before opting for a training solution. In case your training needs coincide with the instances discussed in the blog, Microlearning is the buddy you need to be with.

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