Micro-Learning: How Does It Make Corporate Training Better

Micro-Learning: How Does It Make Corporate Training Better

Micro-Learning: How Does It Make Corporate Training Better

Do you wish to make the best use of e-learning to train your people? How can you develop online courses that impart training of high efficacy? What does it take to delight your learners? Well, you need to develop micro-learning modules.

But, what is micro-learning?

Micro-learning refers to the delivery of the training content in the form of information nuggets. The content is divided into several bite-sized, “independent” chunks, each having a span of not more than 10 minutes

OK. What are the benefits of delivering content in the form of small chunks?

Better learner engagement

Most learners have limited attention spans. A survey conducted by Microsoft revealed that a majority of people can focus effectively for only eight seconds (less than a goldfish, which has an attention span of nine seconds). The inability of the learners to concentrate for extended periods of time makes micro-learning a necessity to deliver effective training. Furthermore, as the demand for mobile learning increases with each passing day, many companies are moving towards micro-learning. This is because bite-sized modules can be “handled” easily and effectively on smartphones and tablets.

Learning nuggets can be digested effectively

The capacity of human beings to process information is limited. In his book, Understanding Occupational & Organizational Psychology, Lynne Millward states that information can be comprehended effectively when it is presented in pieces. Learning nuggets are ideally suited to our brains, which are better at processing crumbs of information than colossi of data.

Just-in-time (JIT) support can be provided very effectively

Short online modules are the perfect means to provide effective JIT support. For instance, a technician of a consumer electronics firm can access the information needed to repair an LED television, readily, in the form of a micro online course.

Learning nuggets help personalize training

Micro-learning enables e-learning developers to tailor the courses according to the needs of the learners. Staying on with the example of the consumer electronics firm, a salesman can choose to go through the module containing information about the competitor’s products, while skipping the “technical” modules.

Flexibility to use content in multiple ways 

You can develop online training curriculums by using related micro-learning courses. For example, short online courses pertaining to different aspects of Six Sigma can be put together to develop a comprehensive e-learning curriculum on the quality methodology. Likewise, micro-learning modules can be used in various online courses. For instance, an automobile company can include a module on the basics of good manufacturing practices (GMP) in courses on regulatory affairs as well as manufacturing.

Bite-sized courses provide the best ROI of the training dollar

Micro-learning courses are the perfect solution to companies’ need to create effective e-learning materials quickly, in a cost-effective manner. Bite-sized online training modules can be developed faster and cost much less than conventional, hour-long e-learning courses.


Micro-learning is the process of delivering the learning content in the form of small chunks. Bite-sized online courses help learners to remain focused and enable better comprehension of the subject-matter. They help personalize the training and are perfectly suited to provide JIT support to the workforce. Small pieces of e-learning content are easy and cost-effective to develop and can be re-used and re-purposed. Thus, micro-learning modules help impart good corporate training. What do you think?

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