Micro E-learning for Employees in Manufacturing Companies

Micro E-learning for Employees in Manufacturing Companies

Do you know that 67% of manufacturers confessed to having moderate-to-severe shortage of qualified workers? These shortages are likely to grow only in the next few years. Today’s sophisticated equipment and machinery require workers to have specialized and advanced skills. Machine operators, maintenance technicians need to be hands-on in diagnosing the problem and identifying the right solution.

Troubleshooting requires skill and experience that cannot be taught in a classroom. Traditionally, these skills were built over time through on-the-job training. However, in today’s fast-paced world, time is of essence and more proficient and quicker solutions are required. Micro eLearning could be one of the answers.

What is Micro E-learning?

Micro learning refers to short learning modules that are accessed to fulfill an immediate need or objective. For example, an engineer might want to learn to operate a piece of equipment or a machine operator might want to review the safety precautions to be taken while operating a machine. Micro eLearning is using technology and multiple media to make this learning available to employees in a structured manner, when they require guidance.

How can this be helpful to manufacturing companies?

In an Education and Work Survey of the Manufacturing Industry by ETC Institute, it was found out that manufacturing companies would be interested in offering the following training to their employees.

  • First aid training
  • Basic OSHA training
  • Industrial safety training
  • Diversity training
  • Sexual harassment training
  • Training to prevent violence

If you notice the topics, most of the topics are such that they need periodic reinforcement for better assimilation. A single eLearning module (of 60-minutes duration) or a 1-day classroom training session may not be adequate for employees to remember and imbibe the guidelines as a matter of habit. It is in such situations that micro-eLearning can come to our aid.

What you essentially do is break down key learning points into small learning units and share it with employees periodically through their mobile devices. You could also have these resources on the company website or LMS from where employees can access this information whenever they require.

One of our clients a manufacturing major of precision instruments, wanted to educate their employees on safety measures to be adopted while lifting heavy objects. Wrong or improper methods of lifting can cause serious back injuries and our client wanted to sensitize employees on these aspects in such a way that the learning is completely grasped and due diligence is followed when lifting heavy objects. When they came to us with this issue, we suggested that they develop a micro-eLearning module that their workforce can access on their mobile devices. Consequently we developed a short 1-minute module using simple graphics to demonstrate safe lifting habits.

Similarly, there would be other such requirements based on the manufacturing facility such as learning to use a new piece of equipment, its maintenance and upkeep, safe handling, etc. With tight production timelines, it may be difficult for employees to spare long hours for training purposes but micro eLearning could ensure learning does not suffer and knowledge is transferred and reinforced effectively. Have you used micro eLearning to train your employees? What was your experience?

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