Menu Settings in E-Learning Courses Developed Using Articulate Storyline

Menu Settings in E-Learning Courses Developed Using Articulate Storyline

The menu of an eLearning course lists the tiles of all its slides. It enables the learner to navigate to the slide of his choice. The instructional designers want to add drop down in the menu for each topic if they have sub topics. Articulate Storyline by default sets menu by adding all the slide titles in sequence which they have been developed.

There will be nothing to edit for simple structures. Consider a scenario where there is branching for titles. The ‘default menu’ of Storyline cannot depict the difference between titles and subtitles effectively. This may confuse the learner.

Below are the scenarios created using Storyline with and without branching titles.

No Branching:

No Branching

Branching scenario:

Branching Scenario

To avoid confusion and make a ‘clean menu’, which allows the user to differentiate various levels of titles, Articulate Storyline provides many default options that I would like to share with you in this post.

Now, let’s see the steps to create a menu with various levels of titles in an eLearning course using the Menu Settings option of Articulate Storyline.

  1. Click the ‘Player’ option on Home tab.
  2. Click the Menu tab from the window opened. A list containing all titles will appear.
    Click on menu tab
  3. Here, we find a number of options. Let’s see how to use them, in detail. We will start by looking at the four arrows which are highlighted in the above image.The left arrow is used to make the current title as new heading; the right arrow is used to set the current/selected title as subtitle to the next top title. The remaining two arrows i.e., up and down arrows are used to move the current title between the titles, as needed.
  4. There are 5 other options, each used for a specific purpose. Each option and its functionality are labeled in the screenshot below.Five other options
  5. Every developer needs to be aware of the 2 important things, listed below:
      • The ‘Reset’ option resets all the titles in the current course and displays all titles as individual
      • The ‘additional options’ are used to set other useful options such as restrict learner to navigate through menu or completely lock the navigation through menu depending on the requirement. By default, it is set Free.

    Free Restricted

  6. After setting the desired options, the final outcome will look as follows.

Finally, you have set the menu with titles and their corresponding subtitles. Now, the learner can get a clear picture of tiles and their corresponding subtitles.

Hope you find this post informative. Do share your views.

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