Book Review: Mastering Mobile Learning – Chad Udell & Gary Woodill

Book Review: Mastering Mobile Learning - Chad Udell & Gary Woodill

Book Review: Mastering Mobile Learning - Chad Udell & Gary Woodill

Are you contemplating implementing mobile learning in your organization?Unsure of how to do it? Where to start and how to go about? Begin by reading the book ‘Mastering Mobile Learning’. It will give practical tips and ideas you can implement instantly in your organization.

This book is not just for beginners but also for seasoned training, learning and development professionals. The book will guide you right from the conception to the production and management of your mobile learning projects. It offers tools and processes to help you do this. Check the detailed review of the book in this blog post.

Right from the basics

The authors of the book ‘Mastering Mobile Learning’, Chad Udell and Gary Woodill clearly explain the planning, design, development, deployment, and delivery stages of mobile learning. This book takes you to the foundations, shows the strategies to consider, gives examples, and explains the practices of mobile learning.

Handy guide for L&D professionals

‘Mastering Mobile Learning’is a comprehensive guide that discusses the best practices to design and develop mobile learning strategies. This book is useful for trainers, educators, instructional designers, corporate training professionals, and all related to the learning and development (L&D) field. After reading this book, you will understand how to exploit state of the art technologies and features incorporated in mobile devices to transform your workplace learning.

Tackle learning challenges

This book also explores the procedures to develop mobile learning platforms and discusses the deployment of workplace training and academic learning programs on Smartphones, iPads, tablets, and other mobile devices. Authors Chad and Gary also touch upon the challenges of implementing mobile learning and the ways to tackle them in this book.

Cost savingnuggets

They also explain how to launch mobile learning in a cost-effective manner. You will find cost saving tips all across the book. The authorslistseven cost-effective ways to launch mobile learning in chapter ten. Using micro blogging, SMS alerts, themobile version of PowerPoint slides are some tips.

The authors say this is ahands-on guide for developing successful mobile learning programs. And this book truly fulfills their claim.

Topics covered in the book

The book isdivided into five sections.

Understanding Mobile Learning

The first part is ‘Understanding Mobile Learning’. In this, the authors provide a brief overview of mobile learning in enterprises. They also discuss how it has changed the workplace landscape and explain the disruptive nature of mobile learning. They give ten reasons why executives should care about mobile learning. The difference between e-learning and m-learning is also clearly highlighted.

Strategic Thinking about Mobile

The second part of this book covers various strategies that can be applied in mobile learning. The authors propose a strong business case for mobile learning in this section. How it will help increase revenues, boost sales, supports sales force, cost cuts, support performance – all these aspects are covered. This section also introduces how mobiles handsets’ affordability and cheap Internet access are ushering in a new trend of ‘Nomadism’. This is about how people are becoming mobile with the new technologies. Mobile content strategy, mobile management strategy, and change management strategies are also discussed in this section.

Varieties of M-learning Experiences

The third part of the book covers mobile learning experiences. How to exploit the features of mobile devices for learning is clearly explained in the chapter ‘Unique affordances of mobile learning’. Authors also discuss how mobile games help sales training.

Design &Development Processes

This section of the book covers all aspects of mobile learning design and development processes. This section discusses converting e-learning to m-learning, creating digital publications, and designing for iOS, responsive design, HTML5 based mobile apps, etc.

Managing M-learning Projects

The fifth part of this book is all about managing and delivering mobile learning projects. In this section, authors touch upon important topics such as mobile security, integrating with social media, new developments in mobile learning, etc.

In the End

The book ‘Mastering Mobile Learning’ paves the way for developing effective mobile learning content, strategies, and applications. This can be your on-the-job reference manual to incorporate mobile learning in your corporate training programs.

How to get this?

John Wiley & Sons, Inc published the book ‘Mastering Mobile Learning’ in coordination with The Association for Talent Development (ATD, formerly ASTD). Tony Bingham, President, and CEO of ATD has written the foreword of this book. It is also available as an e-book. You can find this book under Business & Economics, Human Resources & Personnel Management categories. You can order this book from the Wiley publishers’ official website, or order online from the e-commerce website,

What are you waiting for? Grab the book and master mobile learning.

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