How to Use Markers and Hotspots in Articulate Storyline?

How to Use Markers and Hotspots in Articulate Storyline?

Articulate Storyline has many features.These features save the precious time of eLearning developers, while developing interactive eLearning courses. Here, I would like to share information about two default features of Articulate Storyline that save your time in creating interactivities for your eLearning courses. They are Markers and Hotspots.


Markers are used as a point of view, where we can insert additional content or description related to images, graphics, etc. These markers can be placed anywhere in the slide. The markers display the content, whenever the users hover on the markers. The content can be displayed in the form of images, videos and audio.

Here is the step by step process to insert a Marker in to a slide.

1. Go to insert and click on Marker


Marker options

and select the type of marker you need from the above displayed options.

2. After selecting the marker, insert the marker onto the slide. Add the content in the pop-up box of the marker.

Inserting text in to marker

Other than content, we can also insert images, videos and audios. For this, double click the marker that is inserted onto the slide, and you can see sound and media in the marker option. Using those options, we can insert images, video and audio.

Inserting image in markers

We can also change the Style and Label Styles of the Marker. This is the simple process of using markers.


Hotspots work like buttons, in a slide. Hotspots are used to display additional content and and navigate. The hotspots are of different shapes. By default, they are Oval and Rectangle shaped.There is also an option to insert Freeform hotspots.

Here is the step by step process to insert a Hotspot onto the slide.

Go to Insert and Click on Hotspot

Inserting Hotspot

And select the type of hotspot that is required and insert it onto the slide.

select the type of hotspot

The hotspot which is inserted can be used to show a pop-up or move to another slide.

Hotspot output

Hotspot pop-up

This is the simple process using hotspots and markers in Articulate Storyline. Have anything to say? Please do share!

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  • Tammi Watts

    I am a new Storyline user, but previously used Captivate.
    I have inserted Shapes into my storyline tutorials to highlight areas where I’m drawing attention to the user as well as where my mouse will be clicking.
    I would like the users to also click in these areas as sort of a simulation. However, I find it redundant to have to also add in a Hot Spot in those areas where I already have a Shape highlight. (Plus I can see the Shape when not in Preview mode).
    Is there a way to make an existing highlight Shape a Hot Spot so that I don’t need to create both items?
    Thank you!