Making E-books or Pdfs Accessable on iPads

Making E-books or Pdfs Accessable on iPads

Making E-books or Pdfs Accessable on iPads

It’s well known that eBooks are not supported on iPads.However, to make your eBooks available on these devices, we need to convert them into a supported format i.e. EPUB. Epub format can be viewed on all Apple products by downloading the iBook app from app store. ePub is an open eBook standard produced by the International Digital Publishing Forum.

Using adobe InDesign we can design an eBook and convert it into Epub by using a few available softwares (need to buy license). Let’s see how to create an Epub using InDesign.


 I am going to show you how to create Epub with InDesign (.indd) file using CircularFLO software for the conversion.

Before converting, make sure that you have CircularFLO software downloaded and installed in your MAC, and should be ready with the final InDesign file. I have chosen CircularFLO for conversion because it has a great feature of modifying your eBook any number of times with one purchased license.

Steps for converting to Epub

Step 1: Double click the CircularFLO icon , a window pops up, click on Create Fixed Layout EPUB3 and KF8. If you are converting for the first time it will ask to purchase credits. After buying the credits you can reopen it and click on Create Fixed Layout EPUB3 and KF8.

Step 2: Next, the option appears as shown below.

Save and Continue

Click on Save and Continue, then you will get the next pop-up box as shown below.

Use First page as Cover

Based on you requirement, you can select any of these options, then you will see CircularFLO start converting you InDesign file to Epub as shown below.

Create Fixed Layout

Now you can make your eBook work on iPads. , It’s very simple, right? If you have any other ideas, do share.

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