Making Courses More Tablet Friendly – Know How

Making Courses More Tablet Friendly – Know How

Making Courses More Tablet Friendly - Know How

Learning on tablets might be more effective than learning on mobile devices. Tablet-based learning, however, can be viewed as a separate category that serves as an effective stepping stone in the transition of corporate e-Learning. Converting elearning to tablet learning can be easy for the organizations. You need to follow certain processes, to make it even more effective.

Here are a few things you could do to make your courses compatible with the emerging devices (tablets).

Design screen compatible images

You may not use the original image, or the raw file. Use custom photography to resize the images, as per the requirement, to eliminate file bandwidth issues. Using this you can even compress the images for the course. Following this step is even more important, when creating courses for tablet. Sometimes the smaller screens of tablet make the images unclear. In that context, you can crop the image to 25% and then enlarge it to make the important parts visible.

Design tappable buttons

Before you design interface for your course, see that the clickable area should be big enough for an adult’s finger. Ensure that the course is clearly designed so that it can be accessed easily on computer. Include more spacing between the touch targets so that it improves user accuracy. Use padding, a material to give a proper shape to increase the actual tappable area.

Simple navigation

You should have simple navigation. Make sure that the course is easy to access and easy to understand, where ever the learner is. Keep your design simple to operate and understand.

Know whether your authoring tool will or will not convert

Sometimes learners intend to view the courses on a tablet, rather than on a computer. You can’t afford to assume that the courses that go well on a computer will also do the same with the tablet. Almost all the authoring tools such as Articulate storyline, Adobe Captivate and Lectora, work well in converting the courses to HTML 5 format. One thing you need to ensure here, is to check which tool will or will not convert properly.

You may consider the above factors to make the elearning courses tablet friendly, as you can’t miss the opportunity of teaching the tablet users. Hope, you find it useful and start developing the courses that go well with the upcoming technologies (tablets).

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