Looping an Animated Video in Articulate Storyline

Looping an Animated Video in Articulate Storyline

We all know that videos play a key role in the field of e-learning. These enable learners to reduce the training time as well as enhance their understanding level.

In this blog, I am going to share one of the requirements of our clients regarding videos.

Our client provided us with some videos to be used in the course and the animation in the videos restarts immediately after completion (i.e., the video loops). By integrating those input videos into the course, we found that the animation played only once. Our client, however, wanted to play the videos till the voiceover ended. Remember that Articulate Storyline has the capability to play the video only once unless the developer adds an action to loop it.

So, to overcome this problem, we need to give an action to loop the video. In order to get that work, we have two simple ways that I would like to share with you all in this post.

Process 1:

Step 1: Take an empty slide and insert a video in it.

Step 2: Adjust the size and position of the video as preferred. By default, it will be inserted to the center and middle of the stage.


Step 3: Give an action as play media when media completes. Select our sample video as media in both cases.


Process 2:

Step 1: Take a blank slide and create two layers. Add a trigger to show Layer1 when timeline starts for Base Layer.

Step 2: Insert our video in both the layers. Now, add the below triggers in the layers.

Layer1 Trigger: Show layer2 when the media completed.


Layer2 Trigger: Show layer1 when the media completed.


We can even track the number of times the video has been played. To do this, just create a variable of Number type with a default value zero and add a single trigger to both the layers.


I have created the variable with name ‘count.’ Now, add a trigger to each layer to add a value of 1 to the value of count.

Adjust variable

And finally, add a reference to the variable in both the layers in the following manner:


That’s it. Now you are able to loop a video in Articulate Storyline.

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