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How to Use an LMS to Manage Your Training Programs? [Infographic]

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How to Use an LMS to Manage YourTraining Programs? [Info-graphic]

As a training manager, you have to keep the records of your learners’ details, courses assigned to each of them, score sheets, grade reports, issue of certificates, details of registration and limiting access to users.

This will be quite simple for an organization having 5-10 people, but it will be a hectic process for an organization having hundreds of workers. In this scenario, the best way to do this work is to maintain a Learning Management System (LMS).

An LMS is a software application designed to plan, implement and track learning content. It helps in integrating all training administration activities under one platform. It is used to automate the administration, tracking and reporting of learning programs. But, these versatile and powerful software applications can do much more than these activities. Here is an info-graphic which shares some points which help manage LMSs.

How to Use an LMS to Manage YourTraining Programs? [Infographic]

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