Spice up Your LMS for Gen Y

Spice up Your LMS for Gen Y

Gen Y or the Millennials are those individuals who grew up with internet and mobile technologies. They are digital natives and are intuitive, when it comes to using technology. If you were to train Gen Y employees through your LMS, it needs to cater to their expectations and personalities.

A learning management system (LMS) can be a dull and boring platform, where long eLearning modules are hosted. Typically, learners are assigned these courses by issuing a User Id and Password; they are then expected to complete the course, within the given time frame. These courses do not necessarily attract the desired number of takers, particularly the youngsters.

However, course enrollment can be significantly improved, if you alter the format in which the courses are hosted on the LMS. Here are 3 tips that can spice up your LMS to make it more appealing to Gen Y.

Multiple Learning Paths for Flexibility

Gen Y are said to have shorter attention span and love multi-tasking. So, if you have a one hour eLearning course, and expect your Gen Y employees to sit through it at one go, you may be disappointed. Instead, divide the eLearning course into multiple modules, say of 10 mins duration each. Offer a choice to your learners, to go to any module – not necessarily in a sequential manner; you are bound to have more takers for your eLearning course.

For example, if you are having a product training course for sales people that covers several topics, such as product parts and assembling instructions, product features and benefits, basic troubleshooting and cost structure. Each of these topics could be hosted as individual modules, under the main course. So, when a sales person logs in to the LMS and would like to quickly go through basic troubleshooting, he will have the option to do so, without having to go through the introduction, product features and other topics.

Multiple learning paths provide the flexibility and choice that Gen Y prefers.

Multiple Devices for Just-In-Time Learning

Another feature, which appeals to the next Gen, is just-in-time learning. This simply means having access to knowledge or information, when they need it. According to a research report by Pew Research Center, 9 out of 10 smartphone users use their devices to get just-in-time information, through their mobile devices.


Therefore, information and courses, on the LMS, should be made compatible for multiple devices. This will enable learners to access information, through multiple devices such as Smartphones, iPads, tablet PCs, or through regular desktops.

Make your courses accessible through multiple devices.

Multiple Delivery Formats for Choice

Gen Y has grown up with choices – they may want to download the song to their iPod, they may want it in a video format, to see on their smartphones, or they may want to download the lyrics in PDF format. They need to have choice of format, in which knowledge is accessed and therefore, multiple delivery formats need to be provided on your LMS. Courses or resources should be made available in many formats such as,audio, video, PDF and so on.

Offer more choices in terms of delivery format for courses.

Learning management system for the next generation needs to be intuitive, flexible, and easy to navigate, with multiple options. Do you agree? What has been your experience? Do share your thoughts.