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Myths and Realities about LMS Administration

Written By Shalini Talluri

Myths and Realities about LMS Administration

Learning Management System is the learning technology whose usage is rapidly increasing in organizations. LMS administration involves the management of web based training as well as instructor led training delivered to learners.There are several myths associated with LMS administration. This blog attempts to bust some of those myths.

Myths about LMS Administration Realities about LMS Administration
  • LMS installation is the key;once this is done taking care of training activities is no big deal.
  • LMS is just a technology platform; installation of LMS is not an end by itself. Continuous administration is required to manage it and to ensure smooth learning and training. Effectiveness of an LMS is dependent on its efficient administration.
  • LMS can be used as talent management system alongside learning and training functions.
  • Ideally Talent Management System and LMS should be separated for best results. The potential of an LMS as a learning management tool gets greatly diluted if it is used for activities under the purview of talent management system.
  • Organizations will tend to utilize or purchase all modules of the LMS so that the training can be done very effectively and advanced.
  • Companies have to discuss with internal training team and collect their training requirement and then choose LMS modules accordingly. Also, it is best that organizations look for customizing the features according to their existing trainings workflow.
  • Organization’s internal employees can handle additional job of LMS administration.
  • Having LMS administration as a secondary job of internal employees, does not ensure prompt service to users. Ideally, organization should have a dedicated team to focus on LMS administration and maintain LMS workflow standards.If a dedicated internal team is not possible, one can outsource the LMS administration function to trustworthy third party vendors as it might prove to be a cost effective option.

LMS administration is not the simple activity that happens automatically post installation. On the contrary, it is the most important part of LMS maintenance.Organizations need to have a dedicated team to handle LMS support.They can act as a single point contact for the instructors, learners and managers in times of need.Having a dedicated team for LMS administration and user support ensures that full potential of LMS is realized.

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