Why LMS Users Face Login Problems?

Why LMS Users Face Login Problems?

Even though you have an ideal LMS, you still need a team that can provide technical support to the LMS users. Based on the CommLab India LMS support data, we found that the major support requests we receive from learners are related to login issues.

The login issues, look very simple to the LMS administrators, and it take very less time to resolve them. However, the learners may feel  frustrated, and in some cases may even de-motivated to take the online course.

Now, let us understand the various login issues that learners may face and see how we can avoid them.

1. How to login?

This problem arises if there are no proper instructions provided in the e-mail notification for the new users.

Solution: Before asking the new learners to take the eLearning course, you need to send a welcome message with proper login instructions. You do this by sending a  personal e-mail or by customizing the default message in the LMS.

2. Not able to access the Login page

You may face this issue due to various reasons.

  • Learners may not be connected to the Internet, when they try to login.
  • It could be because of the  browser that the learner is using. The LMS may not be compatible with that browser version.
  • People may try to access the login page from iPad or other mobile devices, which the LMS does not support.
  • Learners’ browser may be attacked by virus.
  • Firewall restrictions

Solution: To avoid this, you need to include the details of the minimum system and browser requirements in the welcome note itself. This goes a long way in helping the learner fix the issue by himself. Instructions should be very simple, so that a non-technical person can understand them easily.

3. Forgot username or password.

This is a common issue that crops up when the learner forgets the username or password and may not know how to reset/ get the password. In such situations, they  will contact the LMS administrator to obtain the correct access details.

Solution: To avoid this common problem, instructions to be provided clearly on the login page. Username needs to be something, which the learner never forgets. For example, it can be an e-mail address. “Forgot password” option can be highlighted after a failed attempt. LMS should be customized in such a way that the learners can easily follow the instructions to reset the password.

Some learners may not be able to reset, even if they follow the correct steps. The reason could be a password policy set in the LMS. If a very strict password policy is set, then the learner may not be able to create a new password. After making some attempts, he will contact the support team for a new password.

4. Incorrect password error.

This error, in most cases, occurs if the learner is types the incorrect password or types it with the  Caps Lock turned on.

Another reason could be the insertion of extra spaces , when the  username or password is copied/pasted.

Solution: This can be avoided by adding a small note below the access details provided. You need to inform whether the password is case-sensitive or not. This information must also be displayedin the access details messageto make sure that there are no extra spaces present.

Also, if they enter an incorrect password, inform them to reset the password using forgot password option.

5. Account disabled

This error appears if there is a security policy set in the LMS. After 3 or 5 incorrect attempts. the account will be disabled.  The learner may keep trying to access with an incorrect password and ends up with disabling the account.

Solution:­ There must be a strong warning message after each incorrect attempt, indicating the number of attempts that can be made. The instruction should highlight the forget password option to prevent the account from being disabled.

These are some common issues, which learners face frequently. To avoid these problems, it is better to provide proper instructions before they get into trouble. In addition to these instructions, you may create FAQs page in which such issues are described and clear step by step instructions with screenshots are  provided to resolve the issue.

Educate the learner by providing appropriate instructions, wherever needed. Have anything to say? Please do share!

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