Customizing Open Source LMS to Address New Age Learners!

Customizing Open Source LMS to Address New Age Learners!

When training your channel partners or company sales people on new product launch, you would consider covering the following:

1. Tell them about the product, its features and specifications.

2. Tell them about the benefits, which this new product will provide to end users.

3. Include installation and operating instructions, so that they are able to effectively demonstrate the same to end-users.

4. A few FAQs that you may want to address and compile at one place, for easy access.

5. Additionally, you may also have to include the price structure and discounts applicable (if any), offers and promotions related to the product.

Typically, it would take anywhere between 60-90 minutes to complete these topics, in an eLearning mode.

However, the requirements of individual learners may not always, be the same. Invariably, some of the learners will be new age learners, who prefer access to knowledge and information quickly and in bite sized modules. Some may already have knowledge about the subject and just need a refresher, while others might need to go through each of the above mentioned topics, step by step.

You can customize your LMS, to provide multiple learning paths, to your learners. Each of the topics above can be created as independent learning modules, or RLOs. You can then use a combination of these modules and provide options to learners, to choose a path that caters to their individual requirements.

Traditional path: This would be ideal for those who wish to understand the subject in detail, from one module to the next, in a sequential manner.

Get me started: This option will be suitable to those who cannot immediately devote a long period of time on eLearning, but would like to have a quick overview of the topic.

Just for me: This is a personalized path, where an individual can evaluate his or her current understanding on the subject and only those recommended modules, which enhance his or her learning.

Solve my problem: This option is more like an FAQ interaction that provides answers to commonly encountered questions and can be referred to, as and when required.

An LMS can be effectively used to provide such options to learners. Do the courses uploaded on your LMS provide you with such options? Do share your experiences or expectations from your LMS.