Tips for Setting Up the Learning Management System Quickly and Easily

Tips for Setting Up the Learning Management System Quickly and Easily

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Learning Management System ensures that everyone in the organization gets quick access to e-learning and manages training in a cost effective and uncomplicated manner. To set up the Learning Management System, the organization needs to be specific about the training and learning needs of their employees. While setting up the LMS, the administrator needs to think from an end user’s point of view. This implies that the LMS setup must be done such a manner that users can access what they want quickly and easily and receive maximum benefit from it.

Listed here are some of the tips to setup LMS quickly and smoothly:

  • First and the foremost is that the administrator needs to setup the LMS taking into consideration all learning and training prerequisites of the organization.
  • LMS users do not prefer multiple clicks to access training courses and they appreciate easy navigation. To avoid confusion, LMS dash board must be customized to avoid multiple clicks. It should contain all the relevant fields so that users can navigate to their destination directly from the dashboard itself.
  • Courses, resources and announcements need to be organized in a well-structured manner so that users find information easily without too much of hassle.
  • Use single-sign-on option in the LMS to integrate it with other existing applications. With this, users can log-in automatically into the LMS. This greatly reduces the need for users to remember multiple user ids and passwords.
  • Understand users’ privacy and security requirements, and implement them in the LMS according to their expectations.
  • LMS users need administrative support at all times. If users face any issues in accessing it, administrators need to provide LMS support to help users with a smooth learning experience through the LMS.
  • Testing of LMS is critical for making sure that things are working as expected; otherwise users may have a most unpleasant experience awaiting them. So before an LMS is launched for the entire organization, release it as a pilot to a group of trainees or a department to test its functioning. Once all the teething problems are ironed out, it can be implemented on a larger scale. This ensures that your LMS set up is robust and effective.

If you have finished with organizing the specific needs of LMS users, then it’s just a matter of linking those requirements to setup the right LMS solution The LMS set-up must meet all users’ needs and they should feel comfortable using it.

Many organizations are adapting online training to deliver their training content to the learners. Smooth implementation of LMS is needed to manage the online training effectively and efficiently. Organizing the needs prior to the LMS setup will help in launching it easily and more effectively.

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