An Open Source LMS for Product Training – The Fastest Solution!

An Open Source LMS for Product Training – The Fastest Solution!

An Open Source LMS for Product Training

Is there any platform for training on products to distributors / re-sellers beyond corporate business rules and internal IT security policies? Is there be any ready-made, quick, secure and low cost platform available?

Most may agree that training distributors on the products is one of the good strategies to increase sales. There are many ways to provide training such as, providing product manuals and videos through CD/DVD or, conducting physical workshops or seminars. However, you know how costly these delivery mechanisms are, and it may not be possible to reach all the global audience quickly. The most important factor that hinders the product launch is the time required to educate distributors. You may not want to lose too much time till the distributors get trained and then release the product into the market. Also, it may be very difficult for you to manage and monitor trainings through these approaches.

A medium of providing training to reach global audience quickly and is cost effective, is eLearning. Elearning can be developed using any rapid authoring tools and delivered using online learning platforms, such as Learning Management System (LMS). Your organization may have costly commercial LMS used to train your internal employees. Can you give access to product training developed for internal employees, to the distributors? You may not be able to do it because of complex business and information security rules.

When you are looking for quick, secure and low cost solution, you could, consider open source LMS such as Moodle, a leading open source LMS being used by many corporate organizations. For distributors it may not be necessary to have complex LMS features, like those you have for your internal employees. You just need a platform to host the courses securely and give access to distributors. Also, it is very easy to setup open source LMS with only required features while disabling all the unnecessary features. This makes the LMS more clean, user-friendly and easy to manage.

It is possible to setup an open source LMS for your distributors in just TWO weeks. Recently, we setup an LMS to one of our customers. Here is the project plan timeline.

Project Plan Timeline

As it is an open source, it is free to use for your distributor training and you need to do just one time investment in setup and customization. Moodle has all the required features to manage your trainings and distributors accounts.

So you may consider this option when you are looking for a fast learning platform to train your distributors across the world.

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