Use Your LMS to Evaluate the Effectiveness of eLearning Courses

Use Your LMS to Evaluate the Effectiveness of eLearning Courses

In an earlier blog, we have seen how a robust learning management system is necessary to organize, track the performance and evaluate all trainings initiatives. In this blog, I would like to share some of our experiences during the course of providing technical support for a Learning Management System of one of our clients who has a commercial LMS.

The client had shared that they had invested a lot in getting the eLearning courses developed and translated into different languages. However, learners were not showing enough interest in the courses. On interacting with some of the learners, we found that:

  • Courses were not relevant to some of the learners
  • Quality of some of the courses was not up to the mark
  • Courses were completed only when mandatory

We learnt that in the LMS they were using, evaluation was optional and that there was no option to make it mandatory.

Having an evaluation option in an LMS provides an opportunity for the management to receive feedback about the courses assigned to users. Specifically, they would learn:

  • If the courses were being assigned to the right employees
  • If the employees were finding the courses useful
  • If any modifications could be made to the courses to make them more relevant
  • Which were the popular courses and which were the ones that needed to be replaced

We have setup Moodle LMS for one of our customers where we have made the Evaluation Feature mandatory for each training set. After 6 months of successfully managing the LMS, the client wanted to know the end user feedback, which could help them improve the trainings. We generated the required reports and gave them a consolidated feedback that helped them to decide on the steps to improve the quality and administration of the trainings.

If you are planning to set up an LMS, choose one that has the option for mandatory evaluation. We recommend that evaluations be made mandatory to provide valuable feedback on the courses. This will help in developing and assigning better courses in future.