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Does Your LMS Have the Critically Needed Administrative Support?

It is well-known that setting up a Learning Management System (LMS) for training is a big challenge. However, organizations face another major challenge after setting up an LMS – providing support to learners, managers, instructors and administrators. The cost for setting up an LMS can be one time or annual, which will be the fixed cost. But, for support, there are various options and companies incur variable costs. You should select the best option which suits your need and should be cost effective.

Here are some of the options we suggest to our customers.

1. In-house support

We recommend this option to our customers as it costs less and the LMS can be managed by the internal staff itself. We provide detailed training on learner and administrator level support, which is included in the LMS package we offer and send the recorded training videos for future reference.

It is easy to provide both learner and administrator level support by the internal staff because of the intuitive features of the LMS. For providing administrator level support, a person should have basic technical knowledge of browsers, courses and other technical issues.

As we provide the customized version of an open-source LMS, we provide the entire source code of the LMS which can be hosted on the customer server. This gives full ownership and security to the customer with respect to the LMS as they don’t have to depend on us.

2. Outsource to an LMS vendor

We provide an optional service of LMS administration support. We allocate dedicated resources 24 x 7 or for specific time zones. We charge based on the number of users and support activities effort. We provide log report of each ticket.

We will allocate one technical person to handle all technical issues or administrator level queries and one non-technical person who takes care of all non-technical and learner level issues.

3. Outsource only administrator level LMS support:

Another option is the combination of the first two options. Most of our customers have selected this option because they don’t have a technical team. In this option, the administrative team of the customer will handle all non-technical and learner level issues. They will be the first point of contact for learners. Resolution of technical issues and administrator level queries will be outsourced.

As we provide LMS administration support as an optional service, we suggest all these options to our customers, so that they can select the right option based on their need or resource availability. Usually two dedicated resources are enough to provide LMS support for 10,000 users. Hope you find this post useful. Do share your views.

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