How Can you Leverage your Existing ILT Materials for Designing Online Courses?

How Can you Leverage your Existing ILT Materials for Designing Online Courses?

Most of the organizations today have well-established ILT materials for training. One way to increase the efficiency of the training is to convert the existing ILT material into eLearning. So, what is the suggested process to convert existing ILT material into eLearning?

Suggested Process

While evaluating such a conversion, the following points are to be considered:

  1. Audience Analysis
  2. Content Presentation
  3. Promotion & Marketing
  4. Evaluation

Let’s follow this process and discuss in more detail.

Audience Analysis

The only way to know who the users are and what they need is to research. The first step is to identify the eLearning strategy of your organization.

  • Are they trying to reduce the time and travel costs?
  • Are they offering 24/7 accessibility for learning material?
  • Do they want to train their employees across different time zones?

Identify some of these driving forces. The more clear the organization’s strategy, the better opportunity to build a course that meets expectations.

Content Presentation

Content is the most difficult and important part while converting an ILT material. First, the content must be designed and developed. A well-organized eLearning course has clear learning objectives, examples, graphics, and animations.

  • Think where can you include the interactivities?
  • Think beyond the usual single or multiple selects or the drag and drops.
  • Can the content be presented in the form of a story or scenario?

There are multiple options to bring the designs to life. SMEs are the key to ensure whether your designs are in tune with the components. You can also give an option to the learner to download the content in the form of PDF to review at a later date.


Promotion & Marketing

The most common question that arises during such conversion is whether the “seat time” will be the same? The seat time for any eLearning course depends on the learner’s pace.

Additionally, the use of interactivities and designs will also add to the duration.

Make sure your learners are aware of the benefits and make use of the various channels like organization website, intranet and blogs for marketing.



The last and crucial step is to evaluate how well the course meets the objectives. One should measure the attributes before and after the completion of an eLearning course.

Some of the aspects to consider after converting the ILT material are:

  • Did you achieve your learning objectives and were they evaluated?
  • Was the course engaging with lots of interactivities, images, animations and graphics?
  • Was the interface easy to navigate?
  • Is the published file compatible with all devices?

E-learning courses need not be award winning, make sure that, at the end, the course objectives are met with the help of interactive and engaging approaches. If the learners understand the content and perform well in their job that means your eLearning conversion is a great success!

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