Tips and Tricks of Lectora – Part 1

Tips and Tricks of Lectora – Part 1

tips and tricks of lectora

I have been attending Lectora training sessions at our company for the past two weeks. There are two tips which I liked the most in the training that adds interactivity to your course. In this blog I would like to touch upon those two tips which I picked up.

1. Move To Action
2. Size To Action

Move To Action

With Move To Action you can create games and interactivities without any coding. Move to action allows you to move an object on a page from one location to a new location with a simple command.

1. Click the Action icon either from the tool bar or from the Menu. Action properties dialogue box opens up. Select the General Tab within Action Properties. In the action properties, you have an option called Action with drop downlist, select Move To from the drop down list.
2. After selecting the Move To action, you need to select the Target object which you want to move.
3. Once you have selected the trigger from the target dropdown list, then you should indicate where you would like to move the target object i.e. the new location of the target object. You can do this by Setting the X and Y coordinates to position the object on the page
4. Set the speed for the object to move

After following the above steps click OK from the Action properties and click the Run mode Icon on the tool bar to see the Action.

move to action

Size To Action

Size to Action is similar to Move to Action. In Size To Action you can change the size of the objects by giving the Width and Height of Pixel values.

1. Click the Action either from the tools bar or from the menu and select the General Tab within Action Properties
2. From the Action Droplist select the Action Size TO
3. selecting the Size To Action, you need to select the object that you want to target
4. After the trigger is selected, then you can indicate the values to change the size of the objects.
5. Click OK from the Action properties and click the Run Mode Icon on the Toolbar to see this Action

size to action

The above two tips demonstrate how easy it is to create interactive e-learning. There are many options with in Lectora that can dynamically affect objects using some Lectora tricks. I will be sharing more Lectora tips in my next blogs, so stay tuned to CommLab India blogs.

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