Client Feedback Made Easy With Lectora Online Tool

Client Feedback Made Easy With Lectora Online Tool

After using Lectora Publishing Suite for a number of projects I enjoy working on it as it has lot of built-in features that enhance learning. When Lectora Online was introduced, I decided to explore it and see how it could add value to our course development process and specifically in improving client feedback that is geographically spread.

Here are some of its useful features both to developers and clients or subject matter experts or proofreaders when it comes to courses translated into multiple languages.


With the Lectora Online tool, communication becomes easy both with our course development team as well as the reviewers and other stakeholders throughout the course development cycle.

Version Control:

With version control, we can work with SMEs simultaneously without worrying about the latest version or updated version. The tool itself creates versions whenever we make any changes to the course. It is also very easy to revert to the previous version.

We also don’t have to bother about backup or storage space on our computer or on the client organization’s network as it backs up our data on a regular basis. This is a very useful feature when more than one individual is working on the course.

Course Review:

Course review is another important feature of the Lectora Online tool. It allows us to review the SME’s feedback and update the course as and when the SME adds his/her feedback to the course. This tool makes communication simple and saves valuable client review time.

Using the Lectora Online tool, SMEs can leave their feedback/ comments for each screen. As a result, course developers can easily implement the changes. They can also mark comments as “fixed,” which can be reviewed by SMEs in real time/ online. This feature is useful when stakeholders and developers work in different time zones. Using this tool, we can greatly minimize the iterative process involved during course review, both with our team members and with SMEs/ clients.

My final take is that Lectora is a powerful authoring tool and now with Lectora Online, collaboration is made possible in real time. I would like to learn from you of your experience of working with this tool.