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Overcome Your Training Challenges with Lectora Inspire: 2 Success Stories

Do you want to transform your text-heavy legacy corporate training courses into meaningful e-learning experiences?  Want to convert your PowerPoint presentations quickly into engaging online courses? Well, you need a reliable authoring tool such as ‘Lectora Inspire’. What does Lectora offer?

  • Makes legacy courseware conversion easier, by crunching content
  • Develops high quality interactive e-learning courses
  • Responsive design courses that can be accessed from multiple mobile devices
  • Easy-to-use templates which save valuable development time

These two case studies showcase how Lectora Inspire was instrumental in overcoming the learning challenges of organizations.

Case Study 1: Minimal Text Online Sales Training

Requirement& Challenges: A leading healthcare equipment manufacturing firm asked CommLab India to develop an e-learning course on child birth and trends across the world with minimal text to train their geographically dispersed sales force. We were asked to incorporate the maternity process, pre and post-natal care so that the sales force understands the needs of prospects better. This in turn, will help them convince potential buyers of the benefits of their equipment.

Solution: CommLab India developed a user-friendly, e-learning course and converted heavy text into an engaging e-learning using Lectora.


  • Created animated info-graphics, and vector images to present facts
  • Developed rich animations, images, documents, audio, and video elements
  • Developed interactivities to present content

Case Study 2: Workplace Safety Training on Mobile Devices

Requirement& Challenges: A precision weighing and measurement instruments manufacturer asked CommLab India to develop a safety training course to be accessed from mobile devices. The objective of the course was to reduces accidents at the workplace and create awareness about unsafe practices among employees.

Solution: CommLab India used Lectora Inspire to create a course that presented content through visuals and animated line drawings.We developed highly interactive M-learning courses in a cost-effective manner to meet our client requirement.


  • Designed info-graphics on safe lifting practices
  • Used lined drawings to represent thestep-by-step process of lifting goods, and the dos and don’ts
  • Published the course in HTML5 output and responsive design

Lectora Inspire helps you develop mobile-friendly courses with responsive design and HTML5 output. This will help your learners access the learning materials anywhere, anytime. This also opens the doors for bite-sized learning and just-in-time learning. These two case studies prove that Lectora Inspire helps organizations overcome their training challenges effectively.

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