Features of Lectora Inspire 11

Features of Lectora Inspire 11

Lectora Inspire is a powerful rapid authoring tool that is very popular in the world of eLearning. The latest version of this tool, Lectora Inspire 11, is packed with several new innovative features that make the development of eLearning courses easier and quicker than even before. Let’s see what’s these features are.

The new, streamlined design and features of Lectora Inspire 11 simplify and speed up eLearning development:

  • New Interface – It is now possible to develop eLearning courses faster as the new interface provides easy access to tools and wizards, thanks to its new sleek design.
  • Question Creator – It is easier to create multiple questions, when compared to the previous versions of this tool. We can also provide feedback to these questions as we can track and count the attempts made by users to answer them.
  • Action Pane – Another new feature of this tool is the Action Pane. This allows you to view the details of and organize all actions tied to a Chapter, Section, Page or Object.
  • Slides Media Library – Now, we can get media files from the default library, and we can also get games, characters, animations, and galleries and so on online.
  • Social media – This feature allows users to share content via social media networks by clicking “Share” buttons and other Social objects.

For streaming MP3, M4A, and FLV audio:

  • PowerPoint Import – You can now directly import PowerPoint presentations using this tool and convert them into interactive online courses.
  • Camtasia 8 – Use the latest version of Camtasia Studio to record, edit and produce screen recordings.
  • SnagIt 11 – Another important feature of this wonderful tool is that the latest version of SnagIt. Capture images on your screen and edit!
  • Flypaper Pro 3.7 – Use the latest version of Flypaper to create and share interactive Flash content.
  • Tin Can API Support – Lectora has updated its support to Tin Can API, the successor of SCORM. It is fully compatible with Tin Can API Release 1.0. Tin Can API allows any learning activity to be stored as a statement inside a Learning Record Store.

A few of the features and fixes that were unveiled:

  • Thumbnail previews of each page in the Title Explorer.
  • A new Title Resources window with thumbnails of the course resources.
  • A streamlined Question Wizard.
  • Specially modified layouts of Run, Edit and Preview modes.
  • Design themes, which are easily interchangeable to mobile, to tablet, or to desktop.
  • Now social media support feed display and updates.
  • The ability to edit multiple objects concurrently.
  • Multiple options for the “Page #” display.
  • A highlight around transparent buttons in Edit mode.
  • The table feature. works!
  • The “Open Attachment” action now automatically opens in a new window.
  • The capability to embed a live link to a web address.

These are the wonderful features of lectora 11, if I have missed any other important features, please do share!

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