Lectora for Text-Heavy eLearning Course on iPads

Lectora for Text-Heavy eLearning Course on iPads

Lectora for Text-Heavy eLearning Course on iPads

Lectora is a user-friendly authoring tool used to rapidly develop highly engaging eLearning courses. This tool is renowned for its capability to easily convert PowerPoint presentations into eLearning courses. The standout feature of this tool is that it has highly customized templates, interactivities and quizzes and preferred for text-heavy courses. This tool is ideal if your requirement is to simultaneously develop courses in multiple languages.

As I said, this tool is ideal for text-heavy courses; let’s see a case study that supports this statement.

Highlights of the case

A health care training institute based in the United States has more than 500 eLearning certification modules catering to more than 20,000 individuals. The challenge here is, these eLearning modules are developed using the Flash tool. The inputs provided by the clients had a heavy content that was explained in multiple slides, which resulted in redundant slides. Their idea was to make the information available through mobile devices as part of their knowledge reinforcement strategy. The challenge here is that mobile devices do not support Flash-based courses.

Screenshot of a Course Developed in Lectora

Solution: Lectora

In our approach to this challenge, we ensured that content is presented in a simple and effective manner with all important points explained clearly. We ensured that the courses have precise and important content, getting rid of redundant and unimportant content. We kept the interphase simple for easy navigation. For this project, we chose Lectora, because is it a web-based tool, which can allow us to have a scroll bar in the course to accommodate more content on the screen. This tool has publishing options to HTML, AICC and SCORM, so that the courses can run on mobile devices. It also offers free iPad templates for eLearning courses. These templates can also be customized according to your eLearning content and requirements.

Bottom line:

The solution discussed here tells us how Lectora can dramatically transform text-heavy content into interesting and engaging courses, which are compatible with mobile devices.

If you have a similar case study, do share with us your approach to the challenge, and how you leveraged the tool; please fill in your comments at the comment box provided below.

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