Create iPad Compatible Content using Lectora

Create iPad Compatible Content using Lectora

Create iPad Compatible Content using Lectora

Lectora is one of the best authoring tools to develop eLearning courses that are compatible with iPads. In this post, I will share how easy it is to use Lectora to create iPad-compatible content in the following steps:

1. The templates that come with Lectora include templates for mobile devices such as an iPhone as well as tablet devices such as the iPad. So you can select the format you want and then pick a number of color schemes.

Ready-to-use templates

2. After selecting a color scheme, give a name to your “New Title” and also select the “Location” where you want to save your title.

Select a template

3. You have an option of adding a welcome message, audio, summary page, number of pages, and introduction page to your title.

Set the template properties as you want

4. After setting up your templates to the optimum size, you can add your own design elements and adjust the title size as per the requirement. Once you have adjusted your title size, then you just need to import the content as you would do for any other courses. Try to avoid “mouse over” actions and the use of swf files because they don’t run on iPads.

Adjust the title size

5. Go to the “Publish” tab, then select the “Web (HTML)” option to publish your eLearning content onto a publish web server.

Select “Publish” tab

6. Now rename the first file to launch your published course/title.

Rename first file name

7. When you publish your course, don’t use the “Compression” option for either audio or video as it converts your file to FLV.

Deselect Compression option for audio and video files

These simple steps help you to develop eLearning courses that run on iPads using Lectora.

I hope you have learnt something new out of my blog; please do share your comments.

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