Using Lectora Tool for E-learning Development – An Overview!

Using Lectora Tool for E-learning Development - An Overview!

Lectora is an eLearning development tool, also known as authoring software for developing highly engaging eLearning courses. As an eLearning developer, I have developed many eLearning projects using this tool. Here I would like to share in brief about Lectora Inspire.

Lectora Inspire consists of four separate products:

1. Lectora, the main tool to develop the eLearning course. Its main features are

  • Customizable Templates
  • New Real-Life Characters
  • New Flash Games, including Basketball, Bowling, Soccer, Crazy Cans etc…
  • New and Customizable Skins for the Media Player
  • Publishing
    • Publish to Review Link
    • Section 508 Publishing Option
  • Media
    • Streaming MP3, M4A, and FLV audio
    • YouTube HD Support
  • Multi languages support (Switchable interface)
  • Compatibility to run all the Web browsers (IE 6 and above, Google chrome, Safari and Mozilla)
  • HTML5 media support for mobile devices including iPhone, iPad or Android 2.2
  • 508 Compliance improvements for disabled learners
  • Record voice-overs using a microphone; edit and synchronize audio files with your content


2. Camtasia: A video-capture tool that also allows you to edit video and audio, remove color features, crop images, stitch clips, and others.


3. SnagIt: A screen capture and image editing tool with features, like the One ‘Click’, interface enhanced image captures, and others.


4. Flypaper: This tool allows you to create Flash animations which can be used as learning objects such as the new advanced button panel, weather panel, conditional action components; enhancements to the image scatter component and others.


This is a brief overview about Lectora. Have anything to say, please do share!

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