Do you think that Lectora has limited Features?

Do you think that Lectora has limited Features?

Do you think that Lectora has limited Features?

NO, if you think so you are wrong!

From past 6 years my company is using Lectora tool to create engaging and highly interactive e-learning courses for our customers. As an e-learning Project Manager, I have successfully worked on more than 25 eLearning projects using this tool.

Most of the developers use basic features in creating an interactive e-learning course, but there are lot of features which when combined can create customized features like Switchable interface, Multi-device templates etc. I came to know about these features by working with Lectora Experts.

I would like to share with you some main features of Lectora which we have used in our courses for our customers:

1. Multi-device compatibility:

As the term Multi means many, Lectora is a Multi-device compatible tool, which helps to develop courses in all Mobile devices, iPads and on PCs. We got a project from a client that the course should work both on PC and iPad. For this we have created two courses for iPad and for PC where resolutions for both devices are different. It costs us time and effort. Later we have analyzed and came up with a solution to customize it so that the course runs on both PC and iPad with single interface.

2. Customization:

In Lectora the courses are published in HTML and java script. So we can change the courses as per the client’s requirements.

Switchable Interface: We have done an eLearning course and translated it into 10 languages. The client approached us with a requirement that they can switch through the languages in single course. We created a switchable interface in which the users can select their respective language and can go through the course.

3. Question Creator:

For any e-learning course the evaluation is very important. Lectora is very good authoring tool that provides us Question creator feature which helps us to create Quiz in the course. As Lectora is updated with version 11, the latest version, the Question creator is also updated that can be used more efficiently. There are new options to shuffle the choices in a single question for each attempt and in previous versions for Match the following, there is only one standard color i.e. “blue” but, using the latest version we can give more colors to match the following.

Not only above three features but there are many features in Lectora. It looks like a small plant but the roots spread out.

Please do share your thoughts with us on the same.

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