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6 Amazing Statistics on Learning Management Systems – An Infographic

In today’s business world, it has become very important for organizations to invest in learning and development of their staff. As companies expand their operations to new shores, the need to effectively manage the training of their multinational workforce is burgeoning.

So firms are now turning to Learning Management Systems (LMS) that are designed to track, manage and report all learning and development activities within an organization. Let me share some of the major benefits of using an LMS.

  • Centralization of learning
  • Continuity of processes
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements is made efficient
  • Reduction in time and cost to manage training
  • Deployment of online courses is made easy
  • Evaluations can be obtained immediately

6 Amazing Statistics on Learning Management Systems - An Infographic

Let us now see some interesting statistics about these systems.

Hope you find these statistics useful.

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