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Bite-Sized Learning in Multiple Formats – Learning Bursts, Training Snippets, Vodcasts

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We have been sharing in our earlier blogs about the latest trend of providing knowledge in bite-sized modules’. A one hour eLearning module can be broken down into 6 RLOs or reusable learning objects which can be accessed independently. I feel this trend is gaining a lot more momentum than before.

I was reading an article by Dave Basarab at Chief Learning Officer where he talks in depth on how Learning Bursts can be utilized as a part of planned training programs within organizations.

In one of the forums at Performance Support Ning group, a fellow member shared another interesting site called Training Snippets. This site had a collection of short videos relevant to safety training. You can view the videos for free, and need to pay only if you want to download and use for training.

Lastly, in the Performance Support group, Bob and Conrad (who started the community at Ning) have created Vodcasts, which are lively conversations supported by on-screen visuals lasting less than 10mins. They have produced 4 learning bursts so far, and all of them have received great responses.

What do we have to learn from this trend? As learning and training professionals, I think it is time we realign our thinking caps to change our approach towards training. Do share your thoughts and experiences on the same.


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