Packs in Moodle LMS to Manage Your Multilingual Training Programs

Packs in Moodle LMS to Manage Your Multilingual Training Programs

Moodle is the perfect candidate to manage your multilingual training programs. By installing Moodle language packs, you can make the GUI available in multi languages, so that learner can choose the language of his choice. There are more than 90 language packs available for an administrator to install in this LMS. Let’s see how to install language packs in Moodle.

Step 1: 

Click the language packs in Moodle settings block under site administration link. Here, you can find the language option. Click on the languages to install the language packs.

 Step 2: 

You can see two columns in the language packs

  1. Installed languages packs
  2. List of available languages


Step 3:

Choose the desired language from the list of available languages.

Step 4:

If the selected language is not available from the list of available languages, then go to Moodle language packs on the Moodle website and download the preferred language. The language is downloaded in zip format. Unzip the language folder and place the “lang” folder in “moodledata” directory. Then, click the “notification” settings link in the site administration block.

Step 5:

Select the language and click on the install selected language pack button on bottom of the right column.


Step 6:

once the language pack is successfully installed, it will appear on the header.

Step 7:

If you want to uninstall the language, select the installed language pack, and then click the “uninstall selected language pack” button on bottom of the left side column.


Step 8:

Select the preferred language in the language dropdown menu. The entire GUI of Moodle will be displayed in the selected language.


Learners’ Preferred Language:

Now, the learner can simply change the GUI to his preferred language by going to the settings, and clicking on edit profile option, he can select the language.

Settings → my profile settings → edit profile → Preferred Language

Thus by installing languages packs, you can deliver the trainings in more than 90 languages.

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