Customization Of Language Text In Moodle LMS

Customization Of Language Text In Moodle LMS

Organizations are now moving away from commercial LMSs towards smaller, lesser known and open sources systems such as MOODLE because of the customizations possible in Moodle. In this blog, let’s see how to customize the language text in your learning management system (LMS) design without any programming.

Moodle supports many languages and it can be designed in any language. It is possible to change and customize words and sentences. We can change the text (in any language) used in LMS easily, by using the Language Customization option in Moodle.

A small process needs to be followed for achieving the same.

The process involves the following steps:

  1. Search for a string or word.
  2. Customize the strings with a new word.
  3. Save and verify.

Let’s see the process in detail

Go to the Settings > Site administration > Language> Language customization page.

Pick the language to customize from the pull down list. As shown below.

Choose the language

Choose the language you want to edit. I am choosing English here.

When you select the language, it will navigate to next page as shown below. Click open language pack for editing.

Click open language pack for editing

It will load the packet to 100%. Then, click Continue.

Select the core file which you want to edit, and then search for the string you want to change. Click Show String.

It will now display the string in the current file as shown below.

String in the current file

You will find a column below, where the search results will be displayed. Change the string as per the requirement and click on save changes as shown.

Change the string

It’s done. Now, refresh the page and you can see that the changes are updated.

As most of them change the text and names in the LMS now and then, it’s not possible every time for a programmer to open the particular program and edit the text. Instead, it can be done using the simple process discussed above.

 I hope this blog gives you an idea of how to edit an LMS which has been already designed, without change in programs.

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