12 Key Tips to Design and Develop M-learning [Infographic]

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4 Design Practices for Effective E-Learning Courses on Tablets [Infographic]

It is a well-known fact that mobile technology is on the rise and, organizations are now taking advantage of their popularity to deliver training content. In fact, according to research by Ambient Insight, the global market for mobile learning products is expected to reach $12.2 billion by 2017.

But developing learning courses for mobiles is not the same as developing them for desktops or laptops. The design and development of mobile learning should be viewed differently from that of eLearning, due to aspects such as variations in screen size, available memory, and design and layout of the device. So, it is not that easy to develop effective mobile learning for your employees.

Thinking what to do, well, check out the infographic below for learning design tips which might be helpful for you to deliver better M-learning experience.

12 Key Tips to Design and Develop M-learning [Infographic]

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Mobile Learning: How to Overcome Implementation Barriers