Understanding Key People Who Use the LMS

Understanding Key People Who Use the LMS

A Learning Management System proves very useful in administering and managing trainings effectively. It is not just a means of tracking and evaluating the training. Organizations which use LMS can manage classroom training as well as online training and learners can get training certification also. This works as a communication platform for learners, managers and trainers. Using LMS, training can be evaluated through assessments and surveys. With LMS features, training plans for employees can be created and learner progress can be tracked to improve their performance.

Key users of the LMS:

LMS can be used by different users in different ways linking with one another.

Understanding Key People Who Use the LMS


The learners want comfortable use and easy navigation from LMS. And also they need immediate response or support from the administrators, in case of there is any difficulty while they are using LMS in courses or in training. They can rate their learning content and share their experiences.


Managers need employee progress reports when they are in training. With the tracking feature of LMS Managers can monitor the progress of learners. And also managers require easy navigation from LMS. They can enable automated enrollment.


Instructors need easy and new way of class room training which can be understood by the learner. And they also need reports regarding courses and training assessments. Instructors will see whether all the training needs of learners have been met.


Administrator is the key person who supports learners, managers and instructors. So administrator needs to satisfy all their needs. For this, administrator must have a clear picture of pre-defined workflow and templates. They need in depth knowledge of administrator rights. And they must know the ease of data management.

These are all the key users of the LMS in their various ways. The satisfaction or comfort levels of learners, managers and instructors in using LMS depends on the administrator, how good he/she is at handling the LMS.

LMS can manage learning effectively in organizations to improve the employee performance. Organizations use LMS to take care of training activities, to manage training, to track training details, to report them and to reduce cost of delivering and managing the training. In order to utilize LMS successfully all users’ requirements must be fulfilled.

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