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Purchasing an Authoring Tool Key Factors – Free Presentation

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Purchasing an Authoring Tool Key Factors

Rapid ELearning demystifies the whole eLearning development process because it supports the creation of interactive courses at low costs and within a short time frame. With the help of authoring tools L&D professionals can now attempt to develop eLearning courses without depending upon skilled programmers. This reduces interdependency and enables them to have better control over the course.

Using rapid authoring tools, an eLearning course can be quickly rolled out, as long as the planning is done meticulously. So, to quickly roll out an eLearning course, selection of an authoring tool plays a crucial role. There are some key factors that need to be considered before purchasing an authoring tool. To explore and learn about why organizations prefer rapid eLearning, there are key factors to be considered before purchasing an authoring tool. Explore this presentation on “Key Factors to be Considered Before Purchasing an Authoring Tool.”

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