Just In-Time Information – The Growing Trend

Just In-Time Information – The Growing Trend

Just In-Time Information - The Growing Trend

Just-in-time information encourages learners to access the information in real time and apply it immediately rather than later. Learners can access relevant information whenever they need it, which in turn helps your employees in making the right decisions.

Mobile devices are excellent tools for just in time information or learning. Learners can receive specific reminders of relevant information. It maximizes the return on investment on employee training when compared with instructor led training or classroom training. Let’s see how just-in-time information can be useful for different purposes.

Sales training: Sales associates spend most of their time on the field. Most of them these days use Smartphone and therefore can use it to access courses or information snippets anytime anywhere. These mobile devices can be effectively used to provide reinforcement training for sales people about the company’s sales process in short modules. This can act as a refresher before meeting key clients, while waiting at airports or at client’s place. Similar modules on sales skills or motivational talks can boost the morale of sales people. They can also be used to provide important market updates and industry updates that are relevant and important for a sales person on the field.

Safety training: Organizations are obliged to ensure workplace safety for their employees. Companies such as in the electronics, machinery or chemical industries especially need to follow the regulatory guidelines of providing a safe workplace. Safety training to employees via Smartphone’s or closed-circuit cameras at the workplace help in reinforcing safety practices and remind them of important things such as how to handle and operate a piece of machinery. Just in time information can also be in the form of posters and check-lists which are particularly relevant in the manufacturing industry. Such measures ensure employee safety at the workplace and reduce chances of accidents.

Product training: Customers today are quite well informed about products available in the market. Sales representative should be able to answer all customer queries and doubts before making a purchase. These could be related to the product usage, installation or features that are comparable with competitors’ products. Having information about product benefits handy, helps the sales people to recall the information easily at the time of need particularly when they have to provide quick information to customers. Providing them with product updates and highlighting important features of the product can help sales representatives in making an effective sales pitch.

Sales reps can access just-in-time information if such information is located at a central resource and periodically updated. They can access it either through their Smartphones, tablet PCs or through any means that best works in a given situation.

Compliance training: Organizations have to adhere to rules and regulations guided by an industrial body. These regulations keep changing from time to time and employees will have to be updated about these changes as quickly as possible to make sure that they do not violate any laws. Information can be updated and deployed to the employees to their mobile devices in real time so that they are up to date with the current regulations. Such information can also be kept at a central location such as the company intranet or LMS from where employees can access it for reference when they need it.

Just in time information is useful to learners as a reference when in doubt and for making the right decisions. Mobile devices are excellent tools for just in time information as they have universal appeal and acceptance.