iSpring Presenter 7: What Makes this Tool Immensely Popular – Part 2

iSpring Presenter 7: What Makes this Tool Immensely Popular – Part 2

In my last blog, we have seen a few very useful features of iSpring Presenter 7. We will now explore some more interesting features of this wonderful PowerPoint-based rapid authoring tool.

Excellent assessment capabilities

iSpring Presenter 7 is highly flexible in terms of assessment creation. This tool supports 11 graded question types, which are listed below:

  • True or False
  • Multiple choice
  • Multiple Response
  • Type in
  • Matching
  • Sequence
  • Numeric
  • Fill in the blank
  • Multiple choice text
  • Word bank
  • Hotspot

It also supports 12 survey type questions. They are:

  • Likert Scale
  • Yes or No
  • Pick one
  • Pick many
  • Short answer
  • Essay
  • Numeric
  • Ranking
  • Matching
  • Which word
  • Fill in the blank
  • Multiple choice text

You can combine survey and graded questions in a single quiz. You can create question groups and use blank slides with additional information. You can shuffle questions and answers and use a formula or an image as an answer option. This tool also comes with a rich text editor.

iSpring Presenter 7 supports partial answers and can be used to create custom points for answers. You can limit the time for attempting the quizzes and answering individual questions. You can also specify the number of times a learner can attempt a quiz or a question. You can impose penalties for wrong answers and determine the passing score. This tool also allows you to normalize scores.

You can receive quiz results via e-mail or on a server and print them. You can add background color or image for questions. You can add multiple images and equation symbols to the question slide. This tool allows you to animate answers and provide multiple columns for learners to answer the questions. You can customize the font color, style and size for the questions and answers, based on your requirement.

Advanced controls and settings

This tool can be used for quiz branching, based on the result of the answer supplied by the learner. It also has the feature of answer-specific branching. You can also provide question-specific feedback, based on the answer of the learner. You can compress multimedia resources and impose restrictions on the playing of media resources.

Multiple publishing options

iSpring Presenter 7 allows you to publish to various formats. Apart from publishing your course to HTML5, you can use iSpring Presenter 7 to:

  • Generate SCORM/AICC compliant content
  • Publish courses for TinCan Learning Record Store (LRS)
  • Publish courses specifically for BlackBoard Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Publish to the Web
  • Publish to CD/DVD
  • Publish to a single Flash file (.SWF)
  • Publish to .EXE format
  • Publish courses as ZIP archives

These incredible features of iSpring Presenter 7 make it a very useful and powerful rapid authoring tool. No doubt, it is immensely popular in the eLearning world. What do you think?

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