iSpring Presenter 7: What Makes this Tool Immensely Popular – Part 1

iSpring Presenter 7: What Makes this Tool Immensely Popular – Part 1

Do you have stacks of PowerPoint presentations? Are you looking to convert them into effective online courses? Well, you can transform your PowerPoint presentations into interactivity-rich eLearning courses using iSpring Presenter 7. Let us now explore the features of this incredible PowerPoint-based rapid authoring tool, which make it the choice of eLearning developers worldwide.

Excellent features to create multimedia-rich content

iSpring Presenter 7 can be used to develop multimedia-rich HTML5 courses, which create learner delight. You can insert videos from YouTube and external Flash movies. You can unleash the power of the World Wide Web by including web objects in your course. iSpring Presenter 7 supports a wide variety of video formats including AVI/ WMV/MPG/MP4. You can also utilize the video trim and crop feature available in PowerPoint 2010. This software supports MP3, WAV and Wma audio formats and allows you to use the audio trim feature of PowerPoint 2010.

This tool also has the feature of background audio presentation. You can use iSpring Presenter to generate sounds when objects are clicked and triggers are executed. It provides comprehensive support for animation and slide transition sound effects.

Unparalleled support for PowerPoint 

iSpring Presenter 7 is one of the few tools in the marketplace that offers incredible support for PowerPoint. You can use this software to convert your storyboards in the form of PowerPoint presentations into captivating HTML5 online courses effortlessly. It retains more than 180 animations of PowerPoint, when storyboards are converted into HTML5 courses. For more details on the animations, preserved by this tool, check out this page. iSpring Presenter 7 also retains all slide transitions of PowerPoint.

This rapid authoring tool supports vector representation of standard PowerPoint objects. It comes with slide masters containing elements, which facilitate effective interaction. You can add hyperlink screen tips and hide slides. You can use a wide variety of styles for slide notes and create mouse over actions. You can also specify the aspect ratio for the slides, according to your requirement. In short, it provides wonderful support for PowerPoint 2010.

Effective playback and navigation

This extensively used rapid authoring software comes with a universal HTML5 player that allows your learners to access the courses seamlessly on all devices. It comes with multiple video view modes and allows the developers to create multilevel navigation. It also has an in-built presentation pre-loader and allows you to disable the Flash context menu.

You can customize keyboard controls and allow your learners to resume the course from where they had left. You can also export and import playback settings. This rapid authoring tool also allows you to disable or restrict navigation and facilitates slide branching. iSpring Presenter 7 also comes with a tool to bookmark your courses.

Thus, we see that iSpring Presenter 7 is a wonderful tool to develop online courses. We will see some more exciting features of this software in my next blog. Please stay tuned.

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