Top Features of iSpring Presenter 7

Top Features of iSpring Presenter 7

In this blog, I will share some very useful features of this software that makes it immensely popular in the eLearning world.


A user-friendly GUI lets you develop an eLearning course in quick time. The player elements in iSpring presenter 7 help you choose the GUI elements that suites best in your course. The size and scale of the presentation can also be customized.


Embedding videos in your course makes it more engaging and effective. Using this tool, you can record or import videos and synchronize them with your slides effectively. It is also possible to insert YouTube videos and Flash movies with this tool.

Interactive Quizzes

Quizzes are very effective means of assessing your learners. . With the quiz maker feature of iSpring Presenter 7, you can create interactive quizzes like drag and drop. About 14 types of questions can be created, using this tool.

Interactive Quizzes


Many business organizations want their courses to be translated into multiple languages to cover a wide range of audience. This tool helps you translate your courses into any language easily. Languages like Arabic, where the text must be written from right-to-left are also supported by this tool.


Tracking your learners’ performance and activities is very essential. Using this tool, you can publish the course to the TinCan Learning Record Store (LRS), which helps you track the learners’ activities.


Business organizations prefer their eLearning courses to be mobile compatible, as they help learners to take training courses at the time and place of their choice. This tool allows you to publish courses to the HTML5 format, making them accessible on all types of mobile devices. You can make your courses compatible on multiple devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. A very interesting feature of this tool is that it can be used to generate output, which has features of Flash and HTML5.


You can upload your courses to any LMS, very easily, using iSpring Presenter 7. This tool helps you publish your course to five different formats with just one click. You can publish to SCORM, AICC, TinCan etc.

FlexibilityThere are many more features of iSpring Presenter 7 that makes it popular. Hope this blog was informative. Do share your comments.

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