iSpring Presenter 7: Main benefits

iSpring Presenter 7: Main benefits

For converting your PowerPoint presentations into eLearning you need not be an expert in Flash or possess programming skills. Authoring tools, such as iSpring, enables you to create interactive and engaging courses without having any knowledge of coding.

iSpring Presenter 7 is one of the cost-effective tools available to convert your PowerPoint presentation into eLearning. Recently, it has come up with a latest version – 7. Here, I would like to discuss some of the main benefits of this tool.

Benefits of the tool:

One click to all devices:

Using this tool we can publish the content in HTML 5. Thus, the course can be made compatible to all devices, i.e., laptops, iPads and other mobile devices.

One click to all devices

Online loading is not a big issue with iSpring now:

If your eLearning consists of audio and video, usually it leads to online loading and compatibility issues when played on different mobile devices. With iSpring 7, we can compress videos and audio and make them compatible with all devices.

One click to support in LMS:

With this tool, we can publish the course to 5 different formats. They are SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, BlackBoard 9.x and Tin Can.

One click to support in LMS

Interactive quizzes:

The iSpring Presenter 7 has a quiz maker feature. We can create different types of interactive quizzes using this feature. We can also develop branching with the Quiz questions. There are 14 different types of question formats like single select, multiple select, drag and drop, etc.

Interactive quizzes

Note: It runs on all devices

These are the main benefits of iSpring. Please share your views on this tool.

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