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iPad – Ushering A New Era in The Corporate Training World [Slideshare]

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iPad - Ushering A New Era in The Corporate Training World [Slideshare]

With the advent of mobile phones, tablets and PDAs and the growing fondness for them among the people, organizations are changing the way learning is being imparted. Using these devices to deliver e-learning courses helps the learners access the course content on the go. iPads come under this category as they are devices with larger screen than a mobile phone and smaller than a laptop making them easy to carry around and access information effectively.

Want to know more about how to design and deliver e-learning courses through iPads, the bandwidth, various learning needs that can be addressed via iPads and more? Check out the SlideShare Unleashing the Power of iPads and Tablets in E-learning which answers these questions and provides information about the following

  • Overall Tablet Usage Share Comparison
  • Content Formats that Work Best on iPads
  • Questions to Answer before Designing a Course for iPads
  • Learning need that can be addressed via iPads
  • Security Measures in place, to deal with theft or loss of these devices

Access the SlideShare here!

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