How Can You Harness the Training Potential of iPads?

How Can You Harness the Training Potential of iPads?

How Can You Harness the Training Potential of iPads?

IPad – a computing device from Apple that is extensively used by companies worldwide. According to the Mac Observer, 70% of the Fortune 500 companies are either testing or using these devices.  L&D departments worldwide are embracing iPads as highly effective training can be imparted using these tablets.

Before we move on to examine how iPads can be used to equip your staff with the needed knowledge and skills, it is important to understand 2 major features of these devices.

  • IPads are larger than Smart-phones and this means that they cannot be carried as easily as the latter.
  • The screen sizes of these devices are much larger than mobile phones. The iPads, currently in production, can be divided into two categories based on their screen size – one having a screen of 9.7” and the other with 7.9”.

Let us now see how these features are helpful to deliver effective online training.

Effective access to eBooks

eBooks are very effective means to provide training to your people. They are widely used as process and product manuals, user guides, etc. Ipads are the perfect devices to access eBooks anytime anywhere. The large screens of these tablets are ideal for “reading” eBooks and go a long way in creating excellent learning experiences.

Excellent training through presentations

Presentations rich in media can be used as brochures, product catalogs, new-hire induction training material and so on. IPads are the right devices to impart training through multimedia presentations. The multi-touch interface of these tablets is very user-friendly. This interface, along with the relatively large screen size of these gadgets, enables a wider range of interactions when compared to Smartphones.

Best use of gamified learning

Games help impart stress-free training and therefore are widely used by companies in their eLearning courses.  The multi-touch screens of iPads make them the best choice for imparting gamified online training because they enable a high degree of learner interaction and the superior Wi-Fi capabilities and processor capabilities of iPads ensure learner delight.

High quality training through simulations

Simulations are widely used to impart training on the use of tools, equipment, complex technical processes and software applications. The hardware capabilities of the iPad make it the best device to provide simulation-based training. The high-speed Wi-Fi network enables efficient collaboration between learners to achieve the goals of simulations.

Excellent use of videos

Videos are extensively used by companies to train their staff on products and in induction trainings. IPads can be used to impart first rate training using videos. The large, high resolution LED backlit screens provide high quality viewing experiences. Furthermore, the powerful built-in speaker that comes with these tablets ensures high quality sound.

Various industries, including healthcare have reaped rich benefits from training their people using iPads. Check out this blog to learn how the healthcare industry is using these devices.

Thus, we see that iPads can be used to deliver excellent training to your people. What do you think? We’d love to hear your views.

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