New Interface of Adobe Captivate 8 – Part 2

New Interface of Adobe Captivate 8

In my last blog, we have seen about the recent tab, new tab and tutorais in the Captivate 8 interface. We will know more about the use of slide-themes, text, shapes, objects, interactions and media in Adobe Captivate 8. We will also see the save, record, preview and publishing options available in this tool. In this blog, we will learn about the library properties and timeline.

Below the Menu bar we can see Tool bar where all the options of the selected object are higlited

Selected Objects

Adding slides

You can add different types of slides by clicking on Slides tool bar and select the type of slide from the below list.

Selecting theme

Adding Themes

Adding Themes

By selecting the desired theme from the list, you can make your elearning course colorful.

elarning course color full

Access the buton below to change the Theme colors.

Theme Colors

You can create your own theme colors by customizing.

Customizing theme colors

Here, we have three types of text options – Text captions, Text entry box and Text animation.

Types of text options

If you double click on the text caption, you can see all text Properties which appear in the panel and you can modify the text properties such as size, style, color, etc.

All properties

Here we have Smart shapes to create graphics.

Smart shapes

If you double click on a smart shape, you can see smart shape properties. In the properties panel, we have basic shapes.

Select one of the basic styles, according to your requirement.

Basic Style

You can add Shadow or reflection effects to the boxes.

Shadow and reflection

You can choose any object from the drop down list.

Object and Dropdownlist

You can find all the interactions with a drop down list which is easy to access.

Interactions with a Drop Downlist

You can access media related files like audio and video from here.

Access Media

You can Record or save the project

Record or Save

Here we have different types of Previews.



Publish page has totally redesigned and made necessary corrections which we use frequently like {SWF,HTML 5 and Video} publish options.

Publish Page

In my next blog, I will be talking about the toolbars, library, properties and timeline. Stay tuned to my posts.

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